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Here at Abdallah Law, we are committed to seeing every client we represent through with their legal issue. You don’t have to just take our word for it, however. Take a moment to read through the comments and testimonials from our past clients:

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Zaid has been great! He is responsive and easy to work with.

Marissa Backstrand

Forget the rest, Because Abdallah Law is the Best. They can get you out of ANY SITUATION, and I mean ANYTHING. There always on point, you won’t be DISAPPOINTED.

Christian D.

Professional is an understatement. Zaid Abdullah has been my lawyer for years and I must say money well spent. Actually I’m proud of my lawyer I’ve seen him help a lot of people other than myself. Him and his people are not a joke when it comes to defending you. Consider your case beat to a bloody pulp! Much love and respect. Thank you forever brother.

Kevin D.

Only lawyer I trust and deal with! Came to me at Oak Lawn Police station at 2am on Thursday night. Charges got dropped. Zaid Abdullah is the man, no case too big!

Buck Wazwaz

I trusted him from the first day, he explained what he can do for me gave me a payment plan and got a NOT GUILTY. I told him I was innocent and he proved it in court. It was like watching the Lincoln Lawyer, thank you Zaid and Shady you saved me.

All types Merchant consulting

They are the best at what they do, there’s not another law firm I would ever contact cause they do everything here and Win every case … That says enough in its self … Thank you for everything that your firm has done.

Kelina Price

Thank you so much for all your help. Hands down one of the best law firms I’ve ever dealt with. I was very comfortable discussing problems that I needed taken care of and they made it their mission to make me their client happy. They go above and beyond to help with anything you need. Would highly recommend and will continue to be a client. Thank you again Abdallah Law for all that you do.

N Nassar

I got referred to Abdallah Law after my vehicle was unlawfully searched by police. Zaid took my case and assured me he would do everything he could to help me. We filed a motion to suppress evidence and got my case dismissed! Thank you Abdallah Law! Very professional and amazing firm!

Marcus Johnson

I’d like to thank Zaid for doing an excellent job. Going over 270 miles and being consistent on every court date. He had patience in every way and I wish him and his family many blessings and I would recommend him to anybody who wants to seek justice where there is no hope. Thank you a million times over.

Gregory Jackson

I worked with Mr. Abdallah on many cases. Some he got dismissed and any felony was reduced to a misdemeanor. He is the guy to call, number one in my book.

Jay Chicago

Hired Mr. Abdallah for various legal issues. Very honest & dedicated and full of passion. He has dedication for what he does, I will definitely keep his firm on retainer.


The best law firm in the Chicago land area. They beat my case are are great attorneys that will try their best to win rather than plea out.

Al Natour

Abdallah law and Zaid Abdallah helped my family and friends beat a felony class one for me and my brother. He keeps you updated with your case and will answer your call at any time of the night. I will recommend him to any one fighting a case.


I highly recommend them if you need a great lawyer contact this office he treat you just as well as his family the same.

Dannette Coleman

Mr. Abdallah is an excellent attorney with a great comprehension of the legal system. I appreciated his personal understanding of my situation and legal matter. He is a very accessible lawyer who is there to answer any questions.


I was charged with a DUI and had a PD but wasn’t doing his job so I found Mr. Abdallah and would recommend him to anyone. He did a great job on my case, kept me up-to-date, knew what he was doing. He is very good at what he does and is compassionate about helping his clients.


Mr. Zaid Abdallah is a wonderful attorney! I’ve hired him for a number of legal instances, and he handles every case with the utmost professionalism and care. He knows the law and how to apply it. I will be a lifelong client of Zaid!

Mousa Zughayer

One word to describe Attorney Zaid Abdallah’s work is true dedication. I was charged with a DUI and possession of controlled substance. With hard work and DEDICATION Attorney Abdallah got all my charges dismissed. Until this day I call Abdallah to thank him. He really helped me out by avoiding jail time and now I’m a free man working trying to raise a family. Thank you Zaid Abdallah.


This man shows the court system no mercy!!! I always feel confident in any situation. More like a blessing than a lawyer if I must say. I never have problems reaching him even if it’s last minute. And is a winner every time!!!!!


Been my attorney for years. Honest hard working and treat you like family and not just a client or pay check. Used his many times and never did a day in jail.


After being referred to Zaid and his office through a friend I found him to be the most professional, fair, and knowledgeable lawyer I’ve dealt with. He represented me on a criminal case that had been dragged out over the course of a year at a cost of over $15,000 to me. Once I made the switch to Zaid the case was resolved in my favor in the matter of a couple of months for a fraction of what I was being charged before. There’s never been a time where I called and needed anything big or small and I didn’t receive a call back right away if not an immediate answer. Zaid and his team of dedicated, top notch attorneys have proved to me that they will always have your best interest in mind and will always ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your case or situation.


I have dealt with many attorneys and I never felt so comfortable until I dealt with Abdallah Law. Most attorneys focus on the worst case scenario, and they always try to scare you. They always want a large amount money upfront in order to keep you out of jail. As soon as you give them the money, they usual do not answer calls anymore. I am usually more afraid of my attorney than the State prosecutor. Abdallah Law is the complete opposite, they sit down and take their time going over the case with you. Show you similar cases and angles on how they plan to beat the case. There is 2 Top Rated attorneys at the firm and they could handle any case. I am glad I was referred to them as I will refer them to anybody that wants a great honest attorney on their side. Best Law Firm out there, thanks guys for all the great work you do.


Zaid is very professional and a great attorney. He is concerned about the needs of his clients. He is patient and will answer each question until you understand completely.