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Here at Abdallah Law, we are committed to seeing every client we represent through with their legal issue. You don’t have to just take our word for it, however. Take a moment to read through our attorney endorsements:

Attorney Abdallah aggressively advocates for his clients and does not treat them like a number. He maintains a high standard of ethics and advocacy in the criminal defense field.

David SweisThe Sweis Law Firm

Attorney Zaid M. Abdallah is a formidable presence in the Courtroom. Our Firm now almost exclusively refers our criminal defense work to Attorney Abdallah. This is the only Attorney I would trust a serious criminal matter within our Legal Community. Our Clients are extremely important to us and our Firm regards Attorney Abdallah as the go to Attorney for Criminal Defense.

Ahmad SulaimanAtlas Consumer Law

Attorney Abdallah attempts to bring real solutions to criminal defendants, not just the easiest way out of a situation. His honesty and ability to analyze risk make him an excellent attorney in this regard.

Matthew HectorWoerthwein & Miller

Zaid is an experienced criminal defense attorney. He has practiced in the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs, handling a variety of cases from basic traffic to complicated trials that attract a significant amount of media attention. You can count on him to achieve your best defense in a criminal case.

Mara BaltabolsThe Law Firm of Bock, Hatch, Lewis & Oppenheim, LLC

I endorse this lawyer. I have the honor and pleasure of working alongside Mr. Abdallah, and he is not only extremely hard working and intelligent, but he truly cares about his cases. Mr. Abdallah always thoroughly researches his cases and puts 100% into each and every case.

Nehad ZayyadZayyad Law Offices

Mr. Abdallah is a tireless legal advocate. His zealous and passionate legal representation is second to none. I refer clients to Mr. Abdallah knowing they will be in great hands. Mr. Abdallah has earned the respect of not only his peers and clients, but also judges. Expect big things from Mr. Abdallah!!

Mohammed BadwanAtlas Consumer Law

I have witnessed Attorney Abdallah in court. He is highly respected by judges, prosecutors and his clients. He fights zealously for all his clients. I highly recommend Attorney Abdallah. I endorse this lawyer.

Salim SheikhChicago Personal Injury & Cook County Criminal Defense Attorney

Zaid is an outstanding individual, who has been passionate about representing the accused since we were in law school together. I routinely see him in the criminal courtrooms throughout the Chicago area and it is easy to see that he is doing great work for his clients. He is a smart and talented criminal defense attorney.

Marcos Esparza

Attorney Abdallah’s representation in criminal matters is vigorous and creative. His attention to detail in his preparation of a case is note worthy. His has strong trial skills. He is client focused. I highly recommend him.

Raymond WigellThe Wigell Criminal Defense Team

I endorse Zaid. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.

Michael WaddingtonGonzalez & Waddington

I highly endorse Mr. Abdallah. Very knowledgeable and caring attorney who produces great results in representing clients! Keep up the great work.

Mark ClayOnline International Service

Zaid Abdallah is a wonderful combination of hard work, skill, and legal knowledge. He and the attorneys in his office are always professional and zealously defend their clients. I would be happy to recommend his services to anyone.

Jawad ShalabiRouhy J. Shalabi & Associates

I highly endorse Zaid in the area of criminal defense. He is a fierce litigator and will do whatever it takes to get his clients the best outcome possible. He is very experienced and truly cares about all of his clients.

Suad BekticNew Day Legal