5 Signs of an Unsafe Work Environment

If asked, most people will have at least a few things to complain about when it comes to their job. While no job is perfect, nobody should have to work in an unsafe environment. Even in jobs where there are known hazards, employers are obligated to take the necessary steps to make the workplace as safe as possible for everyone who enters it. If you spot any of the following signs of an unsafe work environment, you will want to take steps to protect yourself both physically and legally.

1. Ignoring Dangers of Heat

It is the middle of summer, and we’ve already seen some extremely hot days. Dealing with hot weather can be fun if you’re at the beach, but in the workplace, it can be very dangerous. If you work in an environment where the temperature reaches triple digits, your employer needs to be taking serious steps to keep you safe. This should include providing lots of water, offering extra breaks (in an air-conditioned room if possible), using fans to circulate air, and more. A hot workplace not only puts you at risk for heatstroke but can also make employees more likely to make mistakes on the job, which can be very dangerous.

2. Failing to Use Workplace Safety Signs & Labels

Just about any hazard in the workplace can be avoided if the employees know that it is there. This is why most employers make use of safety signs and labels throughout the environment. Some signs simply say, “DANGER” to let people know that they need to be more careful. Others will include detailed information about what the hazard is, and how to avoid it. While there are many options for using safety signs and labels, it should not be an option to avoid using them at all.

3. Poorly Maintained Machinery

If you work in an environment where heavy machinery is in use, it is critical to understand that these machines can cause serious harm. When functioning properly, machinery should be safe to work with an around since its performance will be predictable. If your employer does not properly maintain the machinery, however, the risks involved will be dramatically increased.

4. Untrained Employees

Some employers still follow the outdated idea that new employees should “learn by doing.” This is a strategy that allows new employees to begin working on the shop floor right from the beginning without any significant training. They are given a task, and if they make a mistake, they are told how to fix it. Over time, they will pick up the best ways to complete jobs and become more productive. While this may work in some cases, it is never a safe option and it should always be avoided.

5. Lack of Physical Security

Keeping people out of potentially dangerous areas is essential not only for their own safety, but for the safety of those around them as well. Any area of a facility where there is a hazard should be physically isolated from other areas so people can’t accidentally wander in, exposing them to the danger. If your facility doesn’t at the very least have doors blocking the entrance to certain areas, that is a sure sign of a dangerous workplace. 

Talk to an Attorney

If you see any of these signs at your job – or, even worse, you suffer an injury while on the job – you should talk with an attorney. They can evaluate your case and let you know what your chances are of receiving compensation. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced lawyer today.

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