Criminal Defense: What If You Can’t Afford Bail?

You made a mistake. The police came to arrest you. Now, you have been charged with a crime and brought before a judge. The judge sets your bail, and it’s for an amount you can’t afford. What do you do? Don’t worry, there are other ways to get you out of jail before your trial.

What Is Bail?

When the judge sets your bail, he or she considers the nature of the offense and the potential safety of the victim and the community. Also, the judge wants to set bail at a high enough amount that you’ll return for your trial. However, if you are perceived as a flight risk or a safety issue, your bail may be rather pricey. It could even be set for more money than you have.

Other Options

If you don’t have enough money for bail, there are other options. First, your lawyer can file an appeal to reduce your bail. Sometimes, this appeal can be filed immediately after your bail is set. Unfortunately, this appeal is not a guarantee that your bail will be reduced. In fact, it could actually be increased, so it’s best to know all your options.

Frequently, individuals who can’t post bail get a bail bond. By hiring a professional bail bondsman, you enter into a contract agreeing to pay a certain amount or percentage upfront with the rest of the money due later. This initial amount that you pay is often non-refundable. As long as you plan on showing up for your court date, though, this is a great option.

A final option is to plead guilty to your charges. Some prosecutors may offer you a deal to get out of jail immediately if you plead guilty. Pleading guilty to any crime can negatively impact your ability to get a job, secure housing, and receive government assistance. Never plead guilty without the advice and consent of your lawyer.

Consult Your Attorney

To make sure that your rights aren’t violated and to give you the best advice about what to do if you can’t post bail, contact Abdallah Law. Our criminal defense experience is exactly what you need to make sure you don’t spend more time than necessary in jail. Call today at (312) 229-0008.

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