Quarterly Case Recaps

For this week’s blog, we’ll be giving you an overview of the cases we successfully litigated for our clients this past quarter. These cases took many months of preparation and cooperation from our clients, our team, and key witnesses. We’re proud to have been able to positively represent each one of our clients and maintain their freedom. 

The charges we litigated against:

  • Manslaughter
    • The Defendant was accused of recklessly discharging his firearm killing the victim in the case. We were successfully able to show the Defendant’s act was an accident and was not criminally liable.
    • Verdict: not guilty. 
  • Armed Habitual Criminal
    • The defendant was looking to 6-30 years in prison for possessing a firearm after twice being convicted of forcible felonies. The officer claimed she saw our client stuffing the gun into a bag in the car.  We were able to expose the officer’s lies and prove our case for our client’s innocence.
    • Verdict: not guilty. 
  • Possession of Cocaine and Armed Violence  with the Intent to distribute
    • Our client was accused of possessing a firearm and cocaine when the police searched his home under a search warrant. Officers alleged that they found the contraband in his bedroom when he was present. We were able to expose the officers lies and inconsistencies. The State was not able to meet their burden.
    • Verdict: not guilty


In total, the years of freedom we were able to grant our clients is 60+. The sentences they could’ve faced ranged from 14 to 30 years for each charge. We are happy to have been able to protect our clients’ freedom and will continue to work with them if any other issues arise from their cases. 

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