Fatal Shootings Soar on Chicago Expressways

A fatal shooting on a Chicago Expressway ramp in April served as another sobering reminder of the dangers of the roads in and around the city. A report in the Chicago Tribune detailed how a man from Englewood was charged with fatally shooting a man driving on a Dan Ryan Expressway ramp. The attacker is accused of making off with $600 cash. He was reportedly caught by police, including an off-duty police officer Read More

Domestic Violence in Illinois – Agencies Face a Funding Crisis

Domestic violence in Illinois is a major problem. It has been exacerbated by a state budget crisis that has hit the agencies meant to provide support for victims. The scale of the problem was highlighted recently by Peoria Public Radio. The article pointed out the state entered its 22nd month lacking a real budget in April. The services most impacted by the ongoing political battle are agencies that help victims Read More

Supreme Court is Skeptical About Restricting Social Media Use by Sex Offenders

Increasing numbers of people get their news from social media and sites like Twitter are used for important announcements by President Trump. It’s a development that has put laws banning social media use by sex offenders in the spotlight. Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court considered the legality of such a law in North Carolina. The case concerned Lester Gerard Packingham who praised Jesus on his Read More

The Most Important Thing To Know About Firearm Possession

Chicago law enforcement is aggressively going after citizens with guns.  In order to lawfully carry a firearm in Illinois any place besides one’s home or business, an individual must have both an FOID card as well as a concealed carry license. If law enforcement finds a gun on someone’s person or nearby (e.g., in the glovebox of the car they are driving) and that individual does not have a concealed carry license, Read More

Bill Increases Sentences for Repeat Weapons Offenders in Illinois

Repeat weapons offenders in Illinois are the target of the new Safe Neighborhoods Reform Act, which advocates tougher sentencing guidelines for frequent gun offenders. The legislation was put forward by Illinois state senator Kwame Raoul. It proposes tougher sentences for repeat weapons offenders in Illinois. However, critics warn the bill could increase overcrowding in the state’s already teeming Read More