Chicago Public School Teacher is Charged with the Assault of a Teen Girl

Sex assault cases involving teachers and students have made headlines across the country. Earlier this year, a Chicago Public Schools teacher was charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl at a school on the South Side. Anthony Frontera, a teacher at the Chicago Military Academy in Bronzeville, was charged with having a six-month sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl who was his student at the Read More

Gang Activities Are Targeted in Chicago Police Crackdown

Gang activities have been targeted in a Chicago police crackdown in recent weeks with a series of round-ups of alleged members of organized groups. The people arrested included a man who works for an anti-violence group, reported the Chicago Sun Times. Federal prosecutors said Francisco “Smokey” Sanchez was charged with illegal possession of a firearm by a felon.     Sanchez describes Read More

Outlining Chicago’s Strict Gun Possession Laws

Chicago has some of the strictest gun possession laws in the United States, notwithstanding the high rates of violent crime in the city. This means you can be facing a long stretch in jail if you are convicted of a crime like possessing a firearm or concealing a weapon in public. Last year, as gun crimes rocketed in Chicago, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner approved a new law that imposes a stiff penalty on Read More

How To Protect Homes and Individual Rights from Illegal Searches

“Illegal search and seizure” is a term that is often mentioned in the news, but what does is mean for citizens and their guns? The Basics The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects citizens from illegal searches and seizures, meaning that any government agent (FBI, ATF, police, etc.) must have a warrant supported by probable cause before searching or seizing a person or their property. A Read More

Appeals Court Upholds 14 Year Sentence for Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

Public corruption cases don’t come much bigger than that of Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois. Blagojevich received a 14-year sentence on corruption charges after he was accused of attempting to “sell” the U.S. Senate seat then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama was vacating following his election as president in November 2008. In the fourth year of his imprisonment, Blagojevich sought to have his Read More

Your Rights if You Are Stopped by Police In Chicago

Many people do not realize they have rights if they are stopped by the police in Chicago or elsewhere. If you are stopped in a car when a police officer initially pulls you over what you do and say can have a major impact on subsequent legal proceedings. If you see a police car is following you with its emergency lights flashing and siren on you should safely and promptly pull over to a safe place and come to a Read More

Junk Science Fears as Attorney General Scraps Forensic Science Commission

Forensic science has developed rapidly in recent years. Methods such as bite mark comparisons and hair analysis were seen as powerful tools before they were discredited and branded junk science. Although these methods are linked to wrongful convictions and even executions, they are still used. The recent announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he will end a Justice Department partnership with Read More

Cook County State Attorney Calls for New Social Media Tools to Fight Crime

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Fox has called for new social media tools to fight a spike in gun violence in and around Chicago. A report in the Chicago Sun-Times detailed how Foxx sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General asking for resources to tackle the wave of violence gripping the Chicago area. She reportedly described a city plagued by its worst outbreak of gun violence in two decades. Foxx cited the Read More

How Firearm Enhancements Can Add Years To Sentencing

Under Illinois statute, certain crimes have enhancements if they involve firearms. Enhancements mean that in addition to the punishment for the underlying crime, a certain number of years are added to the sentence because of the presence or use of a firearm. Which Crimes Have Enhancement Clauses? Under current statutes, the firearm enhancement punishments apply to the following crimes: Armed robbery Read More

Former Field Museum Worker Gets Prison Time for Stealing

Theft offenses are among the most common crimes that occur in Illinois. Although stealing won’t always result in your imprisonment, it depends on the scale of the theft. Recently, a former data specialist at the famous Field Museum in Chicago was sentenced to three years in a federal prison for stealing almost $1 million from the museum. The Chicago Tribune reported Caryn Benson funded a “lavish lifestyle” with Read More