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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Proposes Stricter Sentences for Crimes

Attorney General Jeff Session has proposed stricter sentences for a wide range of crimes. It’s a call that has attracted criticism from his predecessor. A report on CNN noted Sessions has issued a new directive for federal prosecutors across the country to charge offenders with the most serious offense that can be proved. The announcement in May was the latest in a series of major departures from Obama-era Read More

Man is Accused of the Kidnapping of Chinese University of Illinois Student

Kidnapping is a crime that shocks society and is treated with the full force of the law. In recent weeks the kidnapping and disappearance of a University of Illinois scholar from China has made headlines. Yingying Zhang has been missing since June 9. Police have arrested Brendt Christensen over her disappearance. Recently, the Sun-Times reported the suspect marched in a vigil for the victim. Federal Read More

Woman Convicted in Fatal Palos Park Home Invasion

Home invasions are crimes that instill deep fear in the community. People who commit them often receive long prison sentences. Recently, a 21-year-old woman from Indiana was convicted of first-degree murder for her role in a home invasion in Palos Park in Cook County. According to the Chicago Tribune, Sarah Risner was held accountable for the death of Anthony Dalton in a home invasion that went badly wrong. Read More

Supreme Court Strikes Down Laws To Keep Sex Offenders off Social Media

Laws that prevent sex offenders from accessing social media sites have been struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. In June, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled social media networking sites have become such an important source of information that sex offenders should not be barred. A law in North Carolina classified social media sites in the same way as places like schools which are no go areas for sex Read More

Chicago Man is Accused of Stabbing his Parents to Death

The majority of homicides in Illinois occur between people who know each other.  Often there appears to be no obvious motive and they shock communities. Last month, a man was charged with the fatal stabbing of his elderly parents in the Austin neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago, reported CBS Chicago. Chicago police said 47-year-old Dexter Barnes, faces two felony counts of first-degree murder. Police said Read More

Is Smart Policing Driving Down Crime in Chicago?

Advances in technology have led to claims that smart policing is having an impact in reducing gun crime in Chicago. That point of view was put forward in an article by Police Superintended Eddie Johnson in the Sun-Times in June. Johnson was in Springfield for the signing of the Safe Neighborhoods Reform Act. The new state law promises stricter prison sentences for repeat gun offenders in Illinois. Johnson Read More

Feds Step In To Help Gun Crime Fight in Chicago

Escalating gun violence in Chicago has made headlines over the last two years. Politicians have spoken about federal assistance. The Chicago Police Department is now receiving some help from federal law enforcement to investigate gun violence. A report in Chicago Tonight revealed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) is lending Chicago access to technology that police believe will help close thousands Read More

Cook County State’s Attorney Announces Bail Reform

Bail reform has been on the cards in Chicago for some time because the poverty of inmates is keeping them behind bars. As many as 300 people are jailed every day in Cook County because they cannot afford to post bail of $1,000. However, the political momentum for reform appears to be gathering pace. Recently, the Chicago Tribune reported prosecutors in Cook County will no longer oppose the release of detainees Read More

Gun Demand Rises in Chicago at Time of National Fall

Gun sales have declined in many states. However, Chicago appears to be bucking the trend despite its strict gun laws. A report in the Chicago Tribune noted the demand for legal firearms is continuing to rise in Chicago even as the appetite for more guns falls elsewhere in the country and in the rest of Illinois. Gun vendors believe the election of Donald Trump, a pro-gun president, has led to the slackening of Read More

Is Chicago the Most Corrupt City in the Nation?

Corruption crimes are very complicated white collar crimes. Chicago is no stranger to these kinds of crimes. A recent investigation found the Windy City remained the most corrupt major city in the country over the past four decades. However, Houston in Texas is coming up on the rails. Research released in 2015 by the University of Illinois at Chicago political science professor Dick Simpson found corruptions Read More