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Quarterly Case Recaps

For this week’s blog, we’ll be giving you an overview of the cases we successfully litigated for our clients this past quarter. These cases took many months of preparation and cooperation from our clients, our team, and key witnesses. We’re proud to have been able to positively represent each one of our clients and maintain their freedom.  The charges we litigated against: Manslaughter The Defendant was Read More

Do Illinois Sex Offender Laws Violate Citizen Rights?

Illinois has a series of statutes that force convicted sex offenders to register and prohibit them from certain activities and visiting some places. Now a group of sex offenders is challenging these laws accusing them of being too vague and indiscriminate. The Sun-Times reported how earlier this year, five sex offenders filed a lawsuit requesting a judge to halt the enforcement of Illinois’ sex offender Read More

Former Chicago Neo Nazi Fights White Hate Crimes

Hate crimes have never been far from the news headlines after the shocking events of Charlottesville in Virginia in August when neo-Nazis clashed with counter-protestors. The work of one former American white supremacist movement leader from Chicago provides an insight into how so-called alt right groups operate. The Chicago Tribune reported how nearly three decades ago, Christian Picciolini wrote racist Read More

Crimes Committed on Facebook Live Are More Prevalent

Video streaming on Facebook was created for people to share videos of their family members, pets and good times. Alarmingly, it is being used by more and more criminals to film violent crimes. In April, the killing of an elderly man in Cleveland in Ohio sparked fear, outrage and a national debate about social media. Police said the victim, Robert Godwin Sr., appeared to have been chosen at random so as his Read More

Fentanyl is on the front lines of the Drug War in Chicago

Opioid addiction has morphed into the most significant drug crisis seen in decades on the streets of America. The drug fentanyl is on the front line of this new drug war. Fentanyl is a synthetic painkiller that’s typically prescribed. Dealers add it to heroin with devastating effects. The Chicago Tribune reported fentanyl was once a minor player in the drug crisis. However, the painkiller is 50 times more Read More

Former Attorney General Joins Fight to Make Cook County’s Bail System Fairer

Cook County’s cash bail system is under fire and facing reform amid concerns it violates the rights of the poor. Recently Eric Holder, the former Attorney General in the Obama administration, joined the battle to reform the system across the whole of Illinois. Cash bail systems are coming under fire across the country and Cook County’s is no exception. Holder and his law firm prepared a memo at the request Read More

DNA May Exonerate Men who Served 23 Years in Illinois Jails

Murder is one of the most serious crimes on the statute book. Killing another justifiably carries a long prison sentence in Illinois But what if the defendant did not commit the murder? Cases in which people serve time for crimes they did not commit are more common that we would like to believe. Nevest Coleman and Darryl Fulton may have served 23 years for a murder they did not commit, according to the Cook Read More

Crime on the L, CTA Trains and Buses Rise, 90 Percent Goes Unsolved

The level of serious crime on CTA L Trains and buses has been rising in recent months in Chicago, concerning commuters. The level of unsolved crime has also made headlines after hitting 90 percent. Serious crime overall on the CTA in Chicago rose 16 percent last year, fueled by thefts of cellphones and other items, reported the Sun-Times. Public transport also saw some more serious crimes. An analysis from the Read More

Attorney General Claims Link Between “Criminal Aliens” and Chicago Crime

The Trump administration has frequently claimed there is a link between immigrants and crime. It’s a perception that is rejected in Chicago where the administration is fighting legislation against so-called “sanctuary cities.” In August, Attorney General Jeff Sessions targeted “criminal aliens” in Chicago. Sessions’ attack was a response to a lawsuit filed on Aug. 7. Chicago is seeking to block the Justice Read More

Woman is Chased, Shot 12 Times and Killed in Chicago’s Logan Square

Fatal shootings are commonplace in Chicago, but a homicide when a woman was shot 12 times and killed in Logan Square made headlines. The Sun-Times reported the 33-year-old woman died after she was chased down and shot numerous times in the Logan Square neighborhood on the Northwest Side. The Sun-Times reported that Laquesha L. Holmes, was near Spaulding and Cortland when a black Dodge Charger with tinted Read More