5 Ways You Can Violate Probation

Getting released from jail, or avoiding jail altogether, and being placed on probation can seem like quite a break in many situations. While it is certainly better than sitting in jail, it is not without its risks. Many people are shocked to learn how many different things they can do that are considered probation violations, which is why so many people end up getting rearrested. Read the following five violations, Read More

4 Tips for Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster

If you have been injured and had expenses related to the injury, you may have filed a claim with your insurance company. It may have even already escalated to a lawsuit to get the money you are entitled to. If your claim is sufficiently large or your injury is sufficiently serious, you will eventually have to speak with an insurance adjuster about what happened. This is an extremely important experience, and one that Read More

5 Myths About Misdemeanors

To say the legal system is confusing would be a huge understatement. The vast majority of people don’t have a strong understanding of what many of the legal terms mean, or worse, they have a real misunderstanding. One of the best examples is what most people believe about misdemeanors. While almost everyone has heard of this term, and knows a little about it, there are many myths regarding what it is, how serious it Read More

Hurt in a Slip-and-Fall? Take These 5 Steps Immediately!

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen just about anywhere at any time. Sometimes these accidents are unavoidable and not anyone’s fault. In many cases, however, the slip was caused by the negligence of another party, and you may be entitled to compensation for your medical costs, missed work, or even pain and suffering. In order to protect your legal rights, you need to take some specific steps as quickly as possible Read More

Criminal Defense: What If You Can’t Afford Bail?

You made a mistake. The police came to arrest you. Now, you have been charged with a crime and brought before a judge. The judge sets your bail, and it’s for an amount you can’t afford. What do you do? Don’t worry, there are other ways to get you out of jail before your trial. What Is Bail? When the judge sets your bail, he or she considers the nature of the offense and the potential safety of the victim and Read More

The Two Kinds of Damages Available in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injuries affect you financially and emotionally. You wonder how you will cover the medical bills and living expenses that pile up during your time off work. You may also be in a lot of residual pain and wondering what measures can be taken to deter the at-fault party from being so careless with someone else’s well-being. These are all questions and situations that can be addressed by personal injury Read More

Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud: How Are The Two Different?

Everyone knows that tax laws in the United States are extremely complicated and difficult to understand. In many situations, it is challenging to comply with every applicable tax rule and regulation, which can leave you in a difficult situation. Everyone wants to minimize how much they pay in taxes, and depending on how you execute, it can land you in hot water. If you have been charged with tax fraud or tax Read More

5 Ways to Be a Defensive Driver on the Road

Whether you have just gotten your license or you’ve been driving for years, the best way to stay safe on the road is to practice defensive driving habits. Defensive driving helps to minimize your risks of an accident on the road and also helps ensure you have plenty of reaction time to try to avoid an accident caused by someone else. The following are some proven tips that can help you avoid collisions and Read More

White Collar Crime: Understanding Money Laundering

When people think of money laundering, they often picture large scale mobsters like Al Capone laundering millions of dollars. However, many people might not even be aware that they are committing this crime. Understanding what money laundering is, and how it can impact your case, is very important. What Is Money Laundering? Money laundering is any action that takes money earned in some illegal way, and then Read More

5 Punishable Offenses Categorized As Illinois Sex Crimes

When people hear “sex crimes,” they usually associate it with rape.  But, under Illinois law, there are many types of punishable offenses under the category of sex crimes. Sex crimes are serious, and carry a heavy stigma.  Those convicted of sex crimes face difficulty obtaining credit, finding a job, purchasing or renting a home, and maintaining personal relationships. 1. Statutory Rape Statutory rape means Read More