5 Punishable Offenses Categorized As Illinois Sex Crimes

When people hear “sex crimes,” they usually associate it with rape.  But, under Illinois law, there are many types of punishable offenses under the category of sex crimes. Sex crimes are serious, and carry a heavy stigma.  Those convicted of sex crimes face difficulty obtaining credit, finding a job, purchasing or renting a home, and maintaining personal relationships. 1. Statutory Rape Statutory rape means Read More

5 Things To Know About DUIs In Chicago

DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence, and it is a serious offense with lasting consequences in the state of Illinois. 1. The Legal BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) Limit For DUI Offenses Is .08% BAC is a way to measure the amount of alcohol present in someone’s blood.  Driving with a BAC of over .08% is illegal, and it results in a charge of DUI. However, in Illinois, someone with a BAC between .05% Read More

Five Facts About Illinois Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs)

Those convicted of DUIs in Chicago will have to install an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in their vehicle after an arrest. 1. What Is An IID? An IID is a small machine which is connected to the steering column on a vehicle. A car that has an IID installed will not start unless the driver blows into the IID and is not intoxicated. Basically, the device is a breathalyzer that controls whether or not Read More

6 Facts About Theft In Chicago

There are lots of different kinds of theft.  Someone could steal a lighter from a gas station, steal someone’s car, or take money from their employer. While each type of theft is a little different, many theft charges in Chicago are lumped together under current laws. 1. Theft Of An item From A Retail Outlet Worth Less Than $500 Is A Class A Misdemeanor Stealing a pen worth $3 from an office supply store Read More

4 Areas That Are Not Protected Under Fourth Amendment Search And Seizure Laws

Most people are aware of places that are protected against warrantless searches and seizures, such as a person’s home or vehicle. It is also important to know which areas do enjoy protection in order to avoid unwanted government searches. 1. Trash It may seem odd to consider trash when it comes to searches and seizures.  Even though trash contains items that are thrown out, many people don’t consider the Read More

5 Types of Vehicle Searches in Chicago

While a personal vehicle seems like a place that should receive a high level of protection from government searches, it receives much less protection than a home and can be searched without a warrant under certain circumstances. 1. Search Incident to Arrest Generally, police should have a warrant to search personal property.  While a vehicle is personal property, there are some exceptions to this rule, such as Read More

4 Facts About Assault and Battery Charges In Chicago

Lots of people tend to think that assault and battery are the same thing.  The words are used together so often that it is easy to believe they are the same crime. While the two terms are similar, in Illinois, they refer to two different crimes with different levels of punishment. 1. Battery Means An Offensive Touch The legal definition of battery is when someone “intentionally or knowingly, and without Read More

5 Facts About Chicago Gun Shows

Lots of politicians and other public personalities claim that gun shows are a loophole in the legal process of buying, selling or trading firearms. They claim that gun shows are a way for people to bypass the law and purchase a gun without being subjected to background checks or licensing requirements. Below are the facts about gun shows in Illinois. 1. Gun Shows Are Defined By Statute Illinois statute Read More

Convictions That Bar You from a Gun Owner’s Card in Illinois

A gun owner’s card in Chicago is officially called an owner's identification (FOID) card. It is issued by the Illinois State Police. You can’t legally possess a firearm or ammunition in Illinois without one. Basically, three types of criminal records bar you from being given a FOID card. They are: ·         A conviction for any felony ·         A domestic violence conviction ·         A conviction within Read More

Outlining Child Pornography Laws in Illinois

The rapid expansion of the Internet in recent years has seen a proliferation in child pornography. There has also been a massive expansion in child pornography offenses both at a state and a federal level to deal with offenders. If you are charged with an offense of this nature, you could face a long sentence as well as seeing family members and friends desert you. However, prosecutions can be over zealous and Read More