URGENT: Your Case May Be Eligible For Immediate Dismissal!

URGENT: Your Case May Be Eligible For Immediate Dismissal! Call 312-736-7829 for Your FREE Consultation (if You Call in The Next 5 Days) If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s your worst nightmare come true. And for good reason. If you’re convicted, it can have devastating long-term consequences. It can ruin your reputation, career, relationships, and family, and even lead to jail. I’m here with some good Read More

Personal Injury 101: Understanding Negligence

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident or due to the negligence of another party, you may have the ability to win a personal injury claim. These types of claims, however, rely on the legal concept of negligence, which is somewhat more complicated than what it means in common usage. Understanding negligence will help you determine if you have a strong legal case, and how to best proceed. What is Read More

A Brief Guide to Illinois DUI Laws

If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a DUI, you need to take it very seriously. The laws in Illinois are quite strict when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. This post offers an introduction to the various laws and penalties associated with a DUI conviction in Illinois, and will serve to show you why it is so important to fight these charges Read More

What You Need to Know About Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head injuries can be among the most dangerous injuries a person can experience. Even though humans have strong skulls to provide protection, hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalized due to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) each year, and tens of thousands die from them. If you or a loved one has experienced any type of head injury, you need to be aware of what a traumatic brain injury is, how it can affect a Read More

4 Myths About the Breathalyzer

The breathalyzer test has been an important tool used by law enforcement to determine how much alcohol is in someone’s system. It is commonly used when someone is pulled over on suspicion of a DUI. The driver will have to blow into the machine for a sustained period of time, and the machine will detect how much alcohol is present. If you blow a .08 or higher, you will be arrested for driving under the influence. Over Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Assault and Battery

On television and movies,people often hear of someone getting charged with assault and battery. This is one of those phrases that is heard so often that people assume it is one charge; but in reality, it is two distinct legal issues. Understanding the difference between assault and battery in Illinois is important when you’re facing one of these charges. The easiest way to understand the difference is to separate Read More

5 Steps to Take Immediately Following a Car Accident

Just about everyone who drives for any length of time will eventually get into an accident. Fortunately, most of them are very minor without any significant damage or injuries. Many people don’t realize it, but injuries such as whiplash from even minor accidents can present themselves the following day. Of course, for more serious accidents it is also important to protect your legal rights. Taking the following steps Read More

5 Ways You Can Violate Probation

Getting released from jail, or avoiding jail altogether, and being placed on probation can seem like quite a break in many situations. While it is certainly better than sitting in jail, it is not without its risks. Many people are shocked to learn how many different things they can do that are considered probation violations, which is why so many people end up getting rearrested. Read the following five violations, Read More

4 Tips for Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster

If you have been injured and had expenses related to the injury, you may have filed a claim with your insurance company. It may have even already escalated to a lawsuit to get the money you are entitled to. If your claim is sufficiently large or your injury is sufficiently serious, you will eventually have to speak with an insurance adjuster about what happened. This is an extremely important experience, and one that Read More

5 Myths About Misdemeanors

To say the legal system is confusing would be a huge understatement. The vast majority of people don’t have a strong understanding of what many of the legal terms mean, or worse, they have a real misunderstanding. One of the best examples is what most people believe about misdemeanors. While almost everyone has heard of this term, and knows a little about it, there are many myths regarding what it is, how serious it Read More