How to Properly Carry a Gun in Illinois

If you are an Illinois resident, you must have a valid Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) to legally possess guns or ammunition. The FOID card is issued by the Illinois State Police, but can be denied to you if any law enforcement agency believes you are a threat to yourself or others. During processing of your FOID application, the state police will run your name through a background check system maintained Read More

5 Rules of Social Media During your Criminal Trial

If you’re like the vast majority of Americans, you have one or more social media accounts. They seem like harmless fun until you’re facing a criminal trial that threatens to put you in prison for a substantial amount of time. In this situation, your normal day-to-day is put on hold while you fight your charges. Just as your daily routine is upended and you make needed changes to get through the process, you need to Read More

5 Ways You Can Be Charged with a Drug Crime in Illinois

Drug crimes are very serious and can result in massive fines, long prison sentences, and many other problems. Illinois takes these types of charges very seriously and will do everything they can to arrest and convict people on drug charges. Understanding the different ways that you could be charged with a drug crime in Illinois will help you make smarter decisions and avoid these potentially catastrophic Read More

How Does a Drug Charge Become a Felony?

Drug related charges can range from a misdemeanor to a felony depending on the details of the case. Understanding how the situation escalates to a felony is important as it will have a major impact on your situation. This blog post offers an introduction to how drug charges become felonies. It is important to note, however, that each case is unique and the best way to know how yours will be handled is to talk to an Read More

5 Ways You can be Charged with a Gun Crime in Illinois

Illinois has some of the strictest firearm laws in the country. Despite this, however, it is not difficult for most citizens to legally buy and use guns of various types for hunting, sport shooting, and personal defense. Gun ownership comes with a lot of responsibility, and if you don’t take it seriously, you could be charged with a gun crime. This can happen even if you aren’t aware that you are violating any local, Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter

When one person dies due to the actions, or inactions, of another person, the police and courts are going to get involved. Fortunately, the legal system in Illinois recognizes that there is a significant difference between someone killing their spouse after months of planning, and someone accidentally killing another party because of distracted driving. In the first case, the person will be charged with murder, while Read More

You’ve Heard of White Collar Crime, But There Are Other Colors Too

The term “white collar crime” has been used in legal circles for decades, but crime categorization doesn’t stop there. Many crimes fit into categories like white collar, blue collar, and green collar. Each type of crime is defined by different types of perpetrators, motives, and victims. Take a look at some of the other colors below. White Collar Crime White collar crimes are typically committed by those Read More

Understanding the Difference Between an Accomplice and an Accessory

When a crime has been committed there are often quite a few people who are involved in some way. While the main suspect is typically the one who gets most of the attention, those who assist in any way can also be charged with either being an accomplice or an accessory to the crime. While similar in many ways, these two legal terms are distinct, so it is important to understand what they each mean if you or a loved Read More

5 Signs of an Unsafe Work Environment

If asked, most people will have at least a few things to complain about when it comes to their job. While no job is perfect, nobody should have to work in an unsafe environment. Even in jobs where there are known hazards, employers are obligated to take the necessary steps to make the workplace as safe as possible for everyone who enters it. If you spot any of the following signs of an unsafe work environment, you Read More

Criminal Law Basics – How Bail Works

In the United States of America, those who are accused of a crime are considered innocent until proven guilty. When there is sufficient evidence to bring someone to trial, however, the courts are also obligated to ensure the suspect will be in court so their guilt can be determined. To help ensure people aren’t subject to unjust incarceration while waiting for trail, the bail system was developed. Understanding how Read More